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There was a time in our world when humans knew themselves to be the children of our Living System. We lived close with it, and listened to it. We lived inside of it. Not on top of it.

Now is a pivotal time for us humans to remember the Mystery of our existence and our beautiful World. The current family, business and educational structures that have tried to shackle our human existence are ideas from the past.


If you are called to explore yourself as a brother or sister of this incredible world, then this Initiation journey may assist.


The 5 Arrows of Initiation comes from an ancient tradition of Earth Wisdom. Each person who gives themselves to explore the power of Right Relationship with our living system will begin to remember long forgotten skills and abilities encoded in us humans.

The journey reconnects you to our Earth and her other Children, your brothers and sisters. It helps you to remember how precious you are to our living World. It assists you in finding your self authored truths by which to navigate your journey. It reintroduces you to the wisdom all around you that is intrinsically yours as a birthright.


This Ceremony is about opening up to the gifts of your true humanity. You are the Third Born. It is time to remember...


The 5 Arrows of Initiation

The flames of the Mystery are calling

April 23-27, 2024, Kärlingesund, Sweden

The Ceremony

“The best thing you can do to change the course of the world is to rid yourself of all self-limiting beliefs you hold. Start living a life based on your truth and beauty.

It will change everything in your world, and mine.”

WhiteEagleWoman, Keeper of The Origin Teachings of The Delicate Lodge

The Origin Teachings of The Delicate Lodge is an ancient body of knowledge, that guides the human to their deepest sense of self-respect and self-authored growth. This tradition helps us remember ourselves as children of the Great Mystery.

You will be guided by three experienced Council Guides and WhiteEagle Woman, Keeper of The Origin Teachings of The Delicate Lodge.

“My deepest wish for we humans is to discover how precious we are to Life, and for us to begin to live from that knowing. I’d love for each of us to understand how stunningly precious we actually are to our world, so that our inner guidance is freed up to direct each step.”

WhiteEagle Woman

Cost & Info


Cost & Info

April 23-27, 2024

Recommended arrival Monday April 22.

Kärlingesund Retreat Center

About an hour north of Gothenburg, Sweden.

1250 €

Cost for private persons.

Excl.: VAT, accommodation and food.


No one is turned away

for lack of funds.


Cost for companies and organisations.

Excl.: VAT, accommodation and food.

Lodging and Food

Lodging and Food

The Ceremony will be held at the beautiful venue of Kärlingesund Retreat Center. This is also where we will be lodging, as well as receiving vegetarian food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tea, coffee and seasonal fruits are included. 

For lodging you can choose between:

Single room per night 130€ plus VAT incl. food

Double room per night 95€ plus VAT incl. food

When making your reservation please let us know your lodging preference and any special dietary requirements.

Special diets provided include gluten free, lactose free, sugar free and nut free.

Kärlingesund Retreat Center is located about an hour from Gothenburg Center and is easily accessible by public transport, no matter if you arrive from Norway, Denmark or Sweden.

Sign Up

Contact & Sign Up

Submit your request to join The 5 Arrows of Initiation by filling in the form below. We will get back to you shortly after we receive the message.


Be sure to let us know if you wish to sign up as a private person or a company/organisation, which lodging alternative you prefer and we will get back with total costs for the Ceremony, including lodging and food, as well as payment information.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns that we can support with.

Thank you! You will hear back from us shortly.

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